Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hello There!

Somehow, time has run away with me. I have recently meant to do oh so many things with this blog. I meant to celebrate with you my one year anniversary writing. I meant to remind you ahead of time that August is "national goat cheese month." I meant to remind you, that your career as a professional chef could begin with culinary school whenever you want it to. I meant to not have nearly a two week break between blogs....

There are other things that I purposely meant not to do, such as cook. Seattle had an insane heat wave! And I'm not complaining- I'm not complaining, but when it's in the nineties and even hundreds and only 20% of the homes have air conditioning (and I am not one of that percentage), there is no chance on God's green earth that I am going to turn on my stove or oven. Also, the Southern Californian in me beckoned me to spend every free minute I had outside in the sun. In fact, it beckoned me all the way to a weekend in California where I am right now.

I have noticed something while I have been here- frozen yogurt. What the heck is with SoCal's obsession with frozen yogurt?

Anyhow, when I return Seattle will be back to its mild seventies, and I have scads of recipes from this month Gourmet that I can't wait to try, a new cookbook to go through, and maybe a food scandal or two to report. Oh, also I will have a review on Julie & Julia, and perhaps even Food Inc

Until Then!

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