Friday, October 31, 2008

Top 5 Pizza Places in Seattle

No fluff, no story. Just a plain old survey of my five favorite pizza places in Seattle. It's not some snobby list of only hole-in-the walls that no one's heard of. In fact, most are popular chains in this city. But I like pizza, plain and simple, easy, and fairly predictable. When I want a pizza I want it to taste like a pizza. This list is purely my humble opinion and some may disagree with my order, but this is MY blog! I didn't even consult Raj. Ha!

5. Zeeks Pizza- This was the first pizza place I went to roughly two days after moving here, and it stuck with me. Zeeks has good toppings choices and just the right amount of cheese. Large (16") plain cheese costs $16.95.

4. Piecoras- Seattle's "New York" style pizza. Great ground sausage, and a good atmosphere if you want to eat in. Also if you eat in, a great selection of beers. Large plain cheese costs $15.95.

3. Palermo- when I want a pie loaded with cheese and a darned good sauce I call here. They also have a lot of other menu options like pastas and a Greek salad that tastes great with the pizza. 15" large cheese costs $15.50.

2. Pagliacci- the best for a quick slice or take home, and by far the best chewy home made tasting crust (almost as good as my home made pizza crust). Also, the sauceless pizzas like the Agog, are fantastic. 17" large cheese costs $16.49.

1. Mad pizza- I was so happy with Pagliacci that I stopped exploring for a while, but I have recently discovered Mad. Like I said, I'm sure many in Seattle would disagree with my choice for the best Pizza in Seattle. The thing that I like about Mad is that it's simple. It's pizza. Also, you can place your order online. How fun is that? 17" large cheese costs $17.99.

Now, if only any one of these places would FRIGGIN DELIVER TO MY HOUSE they would automatically move up on my list.

Other noteworthy places to buy pizza:

Gourmet- Serious Pie
Neopolitan (Italian style)- Tutta Bella
Chicago deep dish- Delfinos

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