Sunday, June 24, 2007

A few updates

I wanted to catch up on a few updates to previous recent posts:

First- Happy Hours: we have had some great responses to our post about Happy Hour, and definitely plan on trying out Chive and Donovan's pretty soon. I also found some good San Diego based Happy hour websites including Happy Hour Mag Online and also San Diego Happy Hour both of which have some great suggestions.

Next- Picnics: We took the advice given to our picnic post and headed out to Kate Sessions Park in PB. Wow, I was stunned, I don't know how I had never been up there before, the park was beautiful enough in itself, with gorgeous trees and flowers ( a great tribute to a great woman), however it was the view from the park that was draw dropping, you can sit on the grass and just have the whole of San Diego laid out in front of you- stunning. What was even more amazing was how quiet the park was, you would think more people would like a piece of this wonder.

Finally: The Wedding brunch. We went ahead and went to Poseidon for the wedding brunch and things went off very nicely. The restaurant did put us inside which was a slight pity, but everyone seemed pleased with both the location and the food. I have to say I still don't understand why it was quite such an ordeal to find a place for 25 (Poseidon still acted like they had done us a huge favor). The restaurant was far from being packed, with no wait for brunch, and the additional $350 or so we must have spent should have been something they might like?

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Happy Hour Magazine said...

Thank you for the shout out! We also have a "Feaured Happy Hour of the Day" bulletin on Myspace. Add us as your friend, Thank you again.