Tuesday, June 06, 2006


We finally made it to Sipz last night- a place we had been meaning to go to for quite a while now. Sipz, for those of you who don't know, is a Vegetarian Asian restaurant on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. The philosophy is healthy food at reasonable prices (dishes are served by the bowl and all a roughly similar price.)
Sipz is located in a strip mall which as I have mentioned before is not necessarily a bad thing- it certainly means that money goes on the food rather than the real estate. We entered the cafeteria style restaurant and were at first unsure whether we should sit at a table or go and order food at the counter. Eventually someone came over and seated us at what I am afraid to say where some incredibly uncomfortable chairs, and a table that was a little to wide for easy conversation- my wife and I felt so far apart from each other that we had to constantly raise our voice. We looked through the menus and, being very hungry, fairly swiftly decided on the dishes we wished to order. Some pot stickers for an appetizer then a lemongrass dish and a "chicken" curry. (The chicken being not really chicken, but mock chicken). Unfortunately our quick decision making did not translate into our getting our food shortly. I think we probably sat there for 15 minutes (o the uncomfortable chairs) before anyone even took our order. We were then greeted with an eve longer wait for our food and in fact my wife had finished her Thai Iced Tea long before any nourishment was put on our plates. When the food did arrive it was sadly our entrees, the appetizer having been, apparently, forgotten. Our server bustled off to get it and returned with it a little while later.
In the mean time we tucked into our entrees- I was shocked at how incredibly hot (temperature to spice) my dish was- whilst my wife remarked that her rice was almost cold. It seems that one of our dishes had been sitting out on the side waiting for its fellow.
The food was okay- I thought it was better than a lot of vegetarian Asian food, the dishes having been designed with vegetarians in mind rather than just substituted with tofu. My wife was less impressed, and while she quite liked the chicken curry ( a creamy coconut concoction with some delicious pieces of eggplant), she was barely able to stomach the lemongrass dish not being at all impressed with the "fake meat" that it mainly consisted of. The pot stickers also were so so- definitely not something I would order again.
That being said the bill did match the fare- only costing $22 for the two of us. The main reason we went to Sipz however was for my vegetarian wife and she not being too impressed most likely means we won't be going back for a long while.

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